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Narak gro-Bulzag by Codfish107
Narak gro-Bulzag
Name: Narak gro-Bulzag
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Orsimer
Class:  Sniper, brawler, and craftsman
Faction/Occupation: Traveling mercenary, smith, and hunter.

-Making things
-His mother
-Helping people

-Closed in spaces
-Being indoors too long
-Unnecessary killing
-Melee weapons
-"Beautiful" people

Weapon(s) of Choice:
-An ebony bow (yes i know it shows steel) he made with 200lb draw weight.
-Fists (ebony gauntlets)
-Forge hammer (forgot that), Woodax, and pickax (if he has too)

Attire of choice:
-Leather armor with chain-mail underneath, leather boots with steel toes, and ebony gauntlets while traveling.
-Smith's clothing when working the forge and for general wear
-Any heavy armor he can obtain if he knows he is going to be in heavy fighting.

Honorable, helpful, cool-headed, single-minded, aloof, and distant.

His mother Bulzag was the 3rd wife of the Narzulbur chieftain. Wanting more out of life and raising her son outside of a stronghold, she left with Narak as soon as he was born. He learned how to hunt, live off the land, and was trained as a smith by his mother. They traveled across Northern Tamerial as craftsmen and hunters. Narak was open and talkative as a child, but quickly learned how most people view orcs and treated them as outsiders. He became distant to anyone he didn't know and didn't completely trust anyone but his mother, though he helps people as often as he can in an effort to change peoples view on orcs. His mother ended up settling down as a smith in Solitude, he went on to travel on his own. After a few years he stayed in Solitude with his mother as a local mercenary and hunter. Wanting to master all types of craft, he started learning cooking beyond the need of survival, enchanting, and alchemy. It didn't take long for him to grow restless and start traveling again, though he now just stays in Skyrim.

Good at:
-Metal working
-Leather working
-Unarmed fighting

Neutral/adept at:
-Wood working
-Swimming and running (slow, but good endurance)
-Wielding a forge hammer (forgot that), woodax, or pickax as a weapon

Bad at:
-Meele weapons
-Anything to do with water (except being a decent swimmer)
-Making jewelry (only craft he cannot grasp)

IDs all of his work.
He doesn't toy with enemies at all.
Strongly follows The Code of Malacath
Making jewelry is the only craft he is not good at.
He is adept at pretty much any craft and most likely can figure out any craft he has not tried, literally anything (except jewelry).

He doesn't travel with his mother any more

This is for :iconheroesoftamriel:

First time using any sort of art program (firealpaca) besides paint, kinda of a tedious learning process but i defiantly like it alot better.

Whats with all these damn mistakes.



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