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Narak gro-Bulzag by Codfish107 Narak gro-Bulzag :iconcodfish107:Codfish107 2 0
Swindler's Den
    Seated on a rickety cart filled with cabbages, no doubt stolen from a poor marketer near Rorikstead or one of the other surrounding towns, sat Zastra, quietly observing the stealthy Dunmer make quick use of the guards in front of a cave.  Zastra had to respect the precision of a practiced killer, though she was a strategist, an opportunist, and wasn't going to let the dark-skinned elf have all the fun, and better yet, the loot.  Approaching the cave entrance, the cart was placed a little around the corner on the outside, to where one couldn't see it coming down the road. She inspected the exterior of the cave carefully, a subtle wave of melancholy suddenly washing over her, but she just as quickly pushed it away.  Her predatory eyes remained on the elf as she neared her.  "Looks like someone's been busy."
    Not seeing her at first, Iskierka was startled and immediately readied a fireball with her left. After seeing she wasn't a bandi
:iconcodfish107:Codfish107 1 0
Sarah Eklund by Codfish107 Sarah Eklund :iconcodfish107:Codfish107 1 2 Iskierka Desidenius by Codfish107 Iskierka Desidenius :iconcodfish107:Codfish107 0 94
Timeline of Iskierka Desidenius
Start of 4th Era
Red mountain erupts
Early 4E
Her ancestors moved from Vvardenfell to The Rift in Skyrim.
Frostfall 30th, 4E 171
The Great War starts.

Late in 4E 175

The Great War ends

First Seed 21st, 4E 176
Iskierka Desidenius is born
Frost Fall, 4E 181
Parents are killed in a bandit raid.
Rain's Hand, 4E 181
Arrives at Honor-hall Orphanage in Riften.
Hearth Fire 8th, 4E 184
Gallus Desidenius catches her trying to pick pocket him, he proceeds to take her in, and raise her as a thief.
:iconcodfish107:Codfish107 1 0
Child of Dusk and Shadow ch 3 by Codfish107 Child of Dusk and Shadow ch 3 :iconcodfish107:Codfish107 4 0 Interview with an author by Codfish107 Interview with an author :iconcodfish107:Codfish107 1 6
Coeus's log 1
July 4th, 1012
I have decided to start extensive research on dragons and their classification. I will note their habits, environment, diet, interaction with humans, and any other information i can find on the given species. Because of my ability i will be able to study them up close and even battle them.
They will all have the following classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Sub-phylum: Vertebrata
Class: Draco
All dragons are warm blooded, have scales, and have a serpentine looking face.
The Order will be determined by if they have feathers, fur, or nothing over their scales.
The Family will be determined if they have wings or not.
The log updates will be infrequent due to the time taken by traveling and finding dragons.
:iconcodfish107:Codfish107 0 3
remember 9/11
We remember today for terrible things,
fire, hijacks, sorrow, loose, terrorism, destruction, and fear.
But we shouldn't remember this day for those things, instead we should remember today for the unity of the nation and the people who selflessly sacrificed their lives for the safety of others.
:iconcodfish107:Codfish107 1 16
Cadence Hibiki by Codfish107 Cadence Hibiki :iconcodfish107:Codfish107 1 334
He had no idea how long he had been running through the woods, but it had turned dark. He had stopped crying by now and only his red eyes showed any sign of his crying. He stopped when he came upon a small clearing with a live fire pit. A few paces in front of him there was an old man next to the fire with his back turned to him.
Without facing him, the old man said, "You seem tired, come have a seat and rest."
Indeed he was tired, taking a seat adjacent to the old man. "Thank you for letting me have a seat." He said.
"It is no problem. It's nice to have company every now and then." The old man replied. "But tell me, why are you out here in the first place and crying. You're a little far from the town."
He was ashamed that his recent crying was noticeable and surprised from realizing he was so far away from town. Wanting someone to talk to, he willing opened up to the old man. "Because of my sexual orientation, everyone rejects me.  I have dealt with it for awhile, but someth
:iconcodfish107:Codfish107 2 0
An Elf
There once was an elf called Caller
Who inhabited a small dorm
His height wasn't norm
He very wished he was quite smaller
But in fact he was very taller
:iconcodfish107:Codfish107 2 0
The Child of Dusk and Shadow: Prologue
"Azura, why have you called me here to Monnshadow? The Night Mistress asked her sister.
"To discuss Mehrunes Dagon's plan of destroying Tamerial." Azura replied. "I do not agree with his plans, and I intend to stop them."
"The Nine have already claimed a hero to stop him once he attacks."
"Yes, but I have been watching her, and when the time comes I do not believe she will be able to do it alone, she needs another hero to help her.
"If you are claiming a hero then why am I here?"
"But I am not claiming a hero, I am making one, and I would like your help with it."
This surprised Nocturnal a bit. "Why do you want my help with it?"
"Because you have useful qualities to give someone."
"Very well, let's start."
:iconcodfish107:Codfish107 1 4
Dancing Birds
They twirl and they dance.
Free to dance where they choose to.
How I envy them.
:iconcodfish107:Codfish107 2 0
Abuelo Sol
The Grandfather Sun,
shines, confident and bright.
Surrounded by space.
:iconcodfish107:Codfish107 0 0
Abuela Luna
The Grandmother Moon,
blossoms, hesitant and pale.
Surrounded by stars.
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